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Airbrush Spray Tan

by linda crisafulli on 02/13/14

Airbrush spray tans now expanding at Royal Beauty Day Spa in Norwell! Come in today and get your spray tan!


Will the tan protect me in the sun?

No, The tanning solution does not provide any useful protection against harmful UV rays.

how long do I have to wait to shower?

The tan will develop within 8 hours. For the best possible results, you should avoid showering for up to 10 hours.

Will the tan come off on my clothes?

It is recommended that you wear loose and comfortable dark clothing. The tanning solution, in most cases will stain clothing. it is best to avoid wearing any light colored or clothing you care about.

Should I do anything before I get my tan?

Follow the pre/post instructions at bottom of page, and on website.

How long can I expect my tan to stay on before I need another?

Most people can expect their tan to last for up to 5 to 7 days depending upon your skin type and preparation. We strongly suggest moisturizing daily.

Is the spray tan solution safe to use?

Dermatologist say its FANTASTIC!

Can I go Nude?!

Tan lines or No tan lines up to you! Your Discretion!

Can I wear Deodorant?

NO!!!!! No Deodorant's or perfumes while tanning, but once you shower you are good to go!

Can I go for a swim with my new tan?

No, the chlorine in pool will remove or fade your tan.

Things to Know Before Spray Tan!


  • Exfoliate and shave at least 24 hours before your spray tan appointment.
  • Do Not use body wash that has a lot of fragrance in it like Victoria's Secret or Bath and Body Works- the fragrance will act like a barrier and not allow the spray tan to adhere to the body evenly.
  • Make sure all signs of DHA are completely removed from your skin if you have spray tanned before or used a self-tanner. 
  • Do not put on any deodorant, make-up, oils, body spray, or perfume on your skin the day of your spray tan. If you do have any deodorant or make up on be sure to remove it prior to your appointment.?  


  • Wear what you feel comfortable in. If you choose to wear a bra and/or underwear make sure they are dark-colored.
  • Make sure all hair is away from face and up off your neck.
  • Do not touch your skin and follow all directions from the spray tan technician.


  • Wait until you feel dry to put your garments back on.
  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothing. A dress or loose pants/shorts with a loose top is ideal.
  • Avoid water, sweat, cleaning products, the gym, and any strenuous activities that may cause your body to perspire.
  • Do not shower until after 8 hours. It takes a full 24 hours for the DHA to fully develop on your skin, so the longer you can avoid showering, the better.
  • For your first shower after your spray tan, simply rinse off- avoid any soap., You will see instant bronzer wash off- this is NORMAL. The bronzer was originally applied to help you see your tan...your actual tan is developed underneath the bronzer and is revealed after your first shower.